Quality Assurance System


We produce commercial products that ensure quality and safety based on our quality policy. Under our unique quality management system (MACCP), we check quality through all processes from the acceptance of raw materials to the storage of commercial products. Only products that pass the final judgment can be shipped.

Concept of Production

Good raw material
We carry out triple acceptance inspections (triple-check) at every plant to ensure the use of safe and high-quality raw materials.
Arrangement and maintenance of the production environment
We arrange the production environment (production rooms, production facilities, equipment, and work clothes) to prevent the admixture of foreign matter in food or contamination by microorganisms.
Production process management
By analyzing the hazard factors in production, we thoroughly prevent new and recurring quality troubles to ensure stable production.

Pursuit of Good Raw Materials - Triple-check

The production plant conducts triple inspections (triple-check) of raw materials and uses only materials that pass.

1Primary acceptance inspection

Inspection to decide whether or not we can accept the raw material at the plant

When a shipment of raw material comes in, we confirm the product name, manufacturer, lot (expiration date), quantity, appearance of the package, and the presence of odor (a person in charge of materials and warehousing inspects and records these items).

2Secondary acceptance inspection

Inspection to decide whether or not we can use the raw material

  • We confirm the result of the prior lot inspection in the database.
  • We confirm that the quality of the raw material meets the standard.
  • Appearance, flavor, physicochemical examination, microbial examination

3Tertiary acceptance inspection

Inspections to be carried out before and during use of the raw material

We check the relevant indications, inspect the appearance, and check the appearance and flavor of the contents (a person in charge of production operates this process).

Topic"Erroneous-input-prevention System" for Handling Raw Materials Correctly

As a safeguard against troubles during the use of raw materials, some production plants have introduced an "erroneous-input-prevention system" to further secure the tertiary inspection, weighing, and input work.

The erroneous-input-prevention system combines the use of material labels with QR codes (two-dimensional bar codes), handy terminals, an electronic balance, and a computer system to prevent mistakes in material measurement and erroneous input.
The system (1) automatically calculates materials linked with a product recipe; (2) issues measurement labels with bar codes; (3) specifies the order in which materials are to be input according to the recipe, along with the correct dissolution apparatus and tanks; (4) checks whether any materials have been input incorrectly; and (5) records the input materials automatically. In addition to preventing erroneous input, it enables easy verification and quick traceability afterwards, along with several other useful points. In the future we will be installing this system sequentially into more Morinaga Milk plants.