Quality Assurance System

Raw Material Procurement

The most important step towards the delivery of good products is to procure safe and good quality raw materials.
Working with an established quality management system for raw materials, we judge the suitability of all materials in advance and only select materials that pass strict standards of quality and safety.

Inspection from Raw Material Selection to Plant Delivery

We conduct various investigations to confirm that our raw materials are completely free of safety and quality problems. When procuring a raw material from a new supplier, we conduct thorough factory audit inspections to rule out any problems with the conditions of the supplier's sanitation environment, facilities, or quality control system. Our supplier inspections are carried out in accordance with strict standards to doubly ensure quality and safety and are backed up by examinations of raw material samples, quality assurance documents, and other key conditions at the supplier's site.

TopicQuality Checks for Raw Material Suppliers

We also conduct scheduled factory checks on existing raw material suppliers to maintain and improve the quality of the raw materials. Our strict checking system provides opportunities for face-to-face communication with suppliers and incentivizes suppliers to strive for ever-higher quality. By offering quality guidance, we build strong relationships of trust with our suppliers to doubly ensure the safety and reliability of our raw materials.

Standards for Judging Raw Materials

  1. Raw material milk acceptance inspection standard: The quality of the raw material milk is one of the most important determinants of the quality of milk and dairy products. We strictly inspect raw material milk in every milk tank truck according to acceptance inspection standards to keep good quality.
  2. Material standard: We inspect factors that affect food safety such as microorganisms and harmful substances, along with key properties based on the characteristics of the raw materials. We secure the quality of raw materials by applying this standard to form our final judgment of accept or reject.

Inspection of Raw Material

  1. Prior lot inspection: In addition to raw material inspections conducted by the supplier, our Quality Control Department conducts inspections of each lot of raw material prior to delivery to plants.