The Morinaga Milk Group is steadily building foundations for its growth as a global company five to ten years into the future.

childThe core elements in the overseas business operations of Morinaga are the export of infant and toddler milk, the beneficial bacteria business, and the dairy ingredient manufacturing and sales business of MILEI GmbH. Our efforts to expand our export business for infant and toddler milk will focus primarily on Asia. We aim to expand our shares of markets in which we are already present, and to open up new markets.


Demand for beneficial bacteria is growing in many countries in step with a global rise in health awareness. We will expand sales by leveraging the potential of our unique product seeds, such as bifidobacteria and LAC-Shield, while also developing supply structures to support sales growth.

Our German subsidiary, MILEI GmbH, manufactures and sells infant and toddler milk ingredients, including whey protein concentrate and lactose. We will work to maximize the benefits of investment in the expansion of MILEI GmbH’s production capacity by improving operating rates, ensuring stable quality, and increasing added value. We also aim to achieve further sales growth through the expansion of production capacity for lactoferrin to meet projected demand growth.


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Infant and Toddler Milk(Left: Indonesia  Center: Pakistan  Right: Malaysia)

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TOFULong-life TOFU manufactured using aseptic technology

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