To realize a sustainable society

  • Progress of Sustainability Initiatives

    Progress of Sustainability Initiatives

    The initiatives related to sustainability that Morinaga Milk has taken in recent years are as follows.

  • Health and Nutrition

    Health and Nutrition

    We offer health and nutrition by developing and selling products that combine functionality and good taste to realize “For Ever Brighter Smiles.”

  • The Environment

    The Environment

    We will manufacture safe and reliable products while striving to reduce energy use and cut waste and helping to create a sustainable society.

  • Human Rights

    Human Rights

    We will carry out business activities that consider human rights, respect diversity, and create an environment in which all people can perform to their full potential.

  • Supply Chains

    Supply Chains

    We procure raw materials and manufacture products with an emphasis on safety and reliability, and consistently provide high‐quality products.

  • Nurturing the Next Generation

    Nurturing the Next Generation

    We support the healthy growth of children as future contributors to the creation of a sustainable society.

  • Human Resource Development

    Human Resource Development

    We will focus on developing human resources who can realize the slogan “For Ever Brighter Smiles.”

  • Corporate Governance

    Corporate Governance

    We will continue to work on establishing and augmenting a highly effective governance system to achieve sustainable growth and improve corporate value.