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Secret of Fine Flavor and Long Life

"Long-Life Production Method " Pioneer

Our long-shelf-life products are produced through long-life processing in sterile environments and packaged in sterilized packages to maintain both fine flavor and long-lasting freshness.

"Long-Life Production Method ": Best-before Period Longer than One Month

If you check the expiry dates of Morinaga Milk products, you will find that some of them have best-before periods of one month or longer. Many of them are manufactured through our unique long-life production method under sterile conditions.
Our long-life production method is a technology that separates the food sterilization process and container sterilization process to ensure that products can be preserved with fine flavor for long periods without preservatives or antiseptic agents.
We now apply this technology to various products such as milk, beverages, chilled desserts, and liquid diets. Long-life products lower the disposal rate of household food and are widely used as convenient stockpiles for disasters.

[About the Long-Life Production Method]

Food usually decays when it is stored at room temperature for a long time. Food spoilage is caused by small, invisible organisms such as bacteria, mold and yeast. While normal sterilization can prevent food spoilage, it cannot be relied upon as a process for long-term preservation.
Some years ago, an engineer at Morinaga Milk asked himself, "How can I extend the period during which no molds will grow?" His answer was simple: "create a sterile space, fill a sterilized container with sterilized product inside the sterile place, and seal the container."
This long-life production method has been used for various Morinaga Milk products ever since.

Production process for "Mt.RAINIER CAFFÈ LATTE," etc.
Production process for "Morinaga Gyunyu Milk," etc.
Examples of products produced using the long-life production method
Liquid diet