Message from Management

President and Representative Director Yohichi Ohnuki

The business environment is changing at tremendous speed due to intensifying competition across business formats, rapid development of IT technology, and diversification of consumption styles. The threat posed by Covid-19 also had a drastic effect on our daily lives in 2020.

One could say that “health” has become a major keyword given these challenges.
I feel that customer attitudes about health have changed significantly with the coronavirus pandemic not only in terms of physical health, but also mental health.
The current situation once again reminds me of the importance of Morinaga Milk Group’s corporate philosophy of “contribute to healthy and enjoyable lifestyles through offering unique products derived from advanced milk technology.” In these trying times, there is a need for food products that help calm and relax us and that contribute to our health. As such, I feel that Morinaga Milk’s most pressing mission at the moment is to continue to sincerely listen to our customers’ voices and contribute to the health of both body and mind with the products developed with our advanced milk technology.

Climate change due from global warming and other social issues also continue to be concerns that cannot be put aside. In our role as a business, we must of course aim to create a sustainable society in cooperation with other members of society.
Under the Morinaga Milk 10-year Vision, we seek to be “a company that persistently helps make social sustainability a reality,” while our 2019 Business Plan for the Next Medium Term has established a basic policy of ESG-focused management. We have defined seven priority issues and implemented company-wide initiatives designed to achieve Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) with the aim of achieving a sustainable society through our business activities. In June 2021, we also established a Sustainability Division under my direct control to strongly accelerate our current efforts.

On the environmental side, we support TCFD (Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures) with the aim of realizing a carbon-free society. We will also look at identifying risks, countermeasures, and opportunities by analyzing climate change scenarios. In terms of plastics use, in FY 2019 we achieved a 10 percent reduction over FY 2013, achieving one of the core KPIs in our medium-term plan ahead of schedule. We will continue to research changes to container and packaging materials as well as consider the use of biomass plastics and recycled plastics. We will also continue to actively promote diversity and inclusion across the Group.

Finally, as a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact, we support its 10 principles for human rights, labor, the environment and anti-corruption, and have included these principles as part of our Seven Priority Issues.
In moving forward with our Seven Priority Issues, we are committed to achieving sustainable growth.

President and Representative Director
Yohichi Ohnuki