What kind of company is
Morinaga Milk?

A company with
a 100-year history


Established in 1917, Morinaga Milk Industry Co., Ltd. has always been involved primarily
in business activities relating to production and sale of dairy products.

Corporate Slogan

For Ever Brighter Smiles

Corporate Philosophy

Contribute to healthy and enjoyable lifestyles
through offering unique products derived from
advanced milk technology


Morinaga Milk will continue our efforts to contribute to the creation of a society in
which people can enjoy happiness and fulfillment by helping to bring more health and
enjoyment into the lives of our customers.

  • Capital21.7billion yen

  • Sales Branches4Domestic/

  • Plants13Domestic/

  • Consolidated

  • Employees6,157Consolidated

as of March 31, 2019

Net sales: ¥ 583.6 billion
Our contributions in four business fields


  • Net Sales583.6billion yenConsolidated

  • Operating Income22.3billion yenConsolidated

  • Profit Attributable to Owners of Parent14.0billion yenConsolidated

  • ROE8.6%

Our Medium-term Business Plan consists of four fields of business: B-to-C Business, B-to-B
Business (Functional and Food Ingredients Business), International Business, and Health and
Nutritional Food Business. We are working to strength each of these fields.

Investor Relations

We hold top market shares
in various categories.

As Japan's most well-known milk manufacturer, the Group has gained the highest
share* of this market with its Mt. RAINIER CAFFE LATTE chilled cup-type coffee, chilled
tea beverages under the Lipton brand, and chilled desserts. The Group also has a high
share of the yogurt, cheese and ice cream markets.

  • product

    Infant Formula

  • product


  • product

    Chilled Tea


  • product



  • product

    Chilled Cup-type Coffee


  • product


  • product

    Ice Cream

  • product


  • product

    Creaming Powder

  • product

    Home Delivery

  • product

    Health Foods

  • product

    Liquid Diet Foods,
    Soft Foods

*Source: INTAGE Inc.’s SRI (share of sales amounts in Apr 2018‐Mar 2019),Shares of home‐use products by monetary amount

A maker of delicious and healthy products that stays close to customers of every age.


Expanding Global Potential


We are building a base to expand our future international businesses over the next 5- and 10-year horizons by entering the yogurt market in the United States, developing the infant and toddler milk business in Asia, and reinforcing production facilities at MILEI GmbH, our German milk raw material manufacturing and sales subsidiary.


R&D:Important Steps
Toward Better Food,
Healthy Life

Since commencing our research on breast milk, we have continued to study organisms and substances such as bifidobacteria and lactoferrin to harness yet-to-be discovered powers and functions that we can deliver to customers.


Safety and deliciousness
based on superior
quality-control technology

We observe in-house standards that far exceed the industry standards in almost every process we engage in, from product development to distribution and sales.
Our unique prior lot inspection, Morinaga Milk’s quality management system (MACCP), Taste Panel Meisters, Long-Life Production Methods and many specialists are supporting the Quality and Safety of Morinaga Milk products.

Quality & Safety

We work continuously to
realize a sustainable society.

We engage in various practices to achieve the 17 SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), including the use of environmentally friendly packages and the development of ingredients to support the healthy growth of babies.
We will continue working toward a sustainable society through dialogue with stakeholders.


Contributing to the creation
of an enriched society

Morinaga Milk envisions a future filled with bright smiles. We will take up the challenge of using our founding philosophy and our accumulated technology to meet the food-related needs of people everywhere.