Human Rights

Basic Approach

Carry out business activities that consider human rights, respect diversity, and create an environment in which all people can perform to their full potential.

Morinaga Milk respects the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and works to respect human rights throughout the supply chain. As part of this stance, preparation is underway to implement human rights due diligence* by FY 2021. To realize the mission of “Ever Brighter Smiles,” emphasis will be placed on environmental improvements in all processes, from procurement of raw materials to production and sales.
As a first step, in 2017 Morinaga Milk participated in the Stakeholder Engagement Program organized by Caux Round Table Japan and began identifying human rights issues in the supply chain. Morinaga Milk also signed the United Nations Global Compact in April 2018 and participated in another Caux Round Table Japan–sponsored stakeholder engagement program, with overseas experts offering comments on the proposed human rights policy.
From these, the Morinaga Milk Group Human Rights Policy was formulated in November 2018.
This human rights policy is being disseminated to stakeholders and business partners. Systems are also in place to respect diversity within the company and create environments in place to uphold the policy.
Morinaga Milk will continue to carry out business activities with the aim of respecting human rights throughout the supply chain.

* Human rights due diligenceHuman rights due diligence
This is the process by which companies can recognize, prevent, and deal with adverse impacts on human rights. Actions include formulating a human rights policy, assessing the impact of business activities on human rights, and tracking and disclosing performance with regard to human rights.

Morinaga Milk Group Human Rights Policy

Basic Philosophy

The Morinaga Milk Group respects human rights and diversity as basic rights for people to live healthy and enjoyable lifestyles as we aim to realize our corporate philosophy “contribute to healthy and enjoyable lifestyles through offering unique products derived from advanced milk technology.”


We have formulated this policy based on the Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights of the United Nations and in respect to various international codes of conducts regarding human rights, such as Universal Declaration of Human Rights and United Nations Global Compact, to promote initiatives related to respecting human rights. This policy also expresses our dedication towards respecting human rights based on our corporate philosophy and guiding principles.


This policy applies to all executives and employees of the Group and also hopes that all of our business partners involved in our products and services to support this policy, and suppliers comply with this policy.

Basic Policy
  1. We respect basic human rights, individuality, and diversity, and do not discriminate or engage in harassment based on race, gender, age, religion, language, nationality, sexual orientation, gender identity, and having disabilities or not. In the case abuse of human rights is found, we will take necessary measures including measure to prevent reoccurrence of such cases urgently and earnestly.
  2. We do not engage in forced or child labor.
  3. We create working environment where employees can feel safe and secure while working and also be healthy both mentally and physically.
  4. We respect the employees’ basic right of collective bargaining.
  5. We comply with laws and regulations of Japan and countries and regions we engage business in.
  6. We properly educate our executives and employees.
  7. We respect each diverse way of thinking and their stances, and strive to create a corporate culture that enables everyone to exert their full potential and work enthusiastically.
  8. We disseminate this policy to all employees and also release it to the public.

Est. November 2018
Yohichi Ohnuki
President and Representative Director
Morinaga Milk Industry Co., Ltd.


Morinaga Milk Sustainability Committee meetings, which are chaired by the president, are held twice a year for monitoring and reporting on the progress of KPIs. In addition, Morinaga Milk implements PDCA cycles with the general managers of the relevant divisions responsible for “Priority Issue: Human Rights” and the general managers of the relevant departments responsible for promoting KPIs. The Morinaga Milk Group also believes that human rights should be addressed in all divisions and departments. A system to address human rights issues on a company-wide basis is currently being developed.


Direction of activities KPIs
Identify human rights issues and devise countermeasures in dialogue with stakeholders Hold dialogue with stakeholders
Identify cases of human rights infringement at suppliers Understand current situation through Sustainability (CSR) procurement questionnaires
Identify ingredients and suppliers that affect Company management Create a list of important suppliers (1)
Respond to the Group’s foreign employees (including those working for cooperating companies) Set up a working environment for the Group’s foreign employees (2)
Promote diversity and inclusion [Target for FY 2027]
Number of persons teleworking/satellite work systems, rate of taking paid leave, rate of hiring female employees, number of female managers, rate of taking paternity leave, rate of male employees taking childcare leave, and number of employees quitting for family care

Progress on main KPIs (corresponding to number on the table):

  • (1) Created a list of key suppliers and completed a questionnaire survey to ascertain their current status
  • (2) Completed a survey of the number of foreign employees
  • Added specific items for foreign employees to the checklist for operational audits

Diversity & Inclusion

The Morinaga Milk Group believes it is important to not only recognize diversity, but to also encourage all employees to fully realize their own individuality and abilities while accepting each other’s differences, and to promote corporate activities. Morinaga Milk has published its Diversity and Inclusion Declaration and implements a variety of company-wide measures in this regard.

Morinaga Milk Diversity and Inclusion Declaration

Management and employees will:
  • ・Respect the diversity of employees and work to create a workplace in which all employees can maximize their potential.
  • ・Support employee “smiles” and “vibrancy” both at and away from work.
  • ・Continue to express Morinaga Milk’s characteristic values to society through our employees’ smiles and vibrant work ethic.

Promotion of Diversity and Inclusion

Morinaga Milk has held briefings to ensure that all employees properly understand and implement diversity and inclusion. Since 2017, Morinaga Milk has held an annual diversity forum together with other food product companies with keynote speakers and panel discussions. More than 100 people from Morinaga Milk participate each year.
In 2007, the Nurturing the Next Generation Committee took the opportunity to listen to the voices of female employees with children. This committee is also responsible for creating the short-time work system and establishing leave for school events for both male and female employees. Such efforts are now regarded as part of pursuing diversity. Morinaga Milk is promoting the establishment of a system that supports a diversity of working styles regardless of gender, and is also developing a rewarding workplace for employees to sufficiently realize their individual potential.

Sustainability Data Book 2020

See “Sustainability Data Book 2020” for details.