Product Development


Offering a new value in ice cream – a simple and high quality product to satisfy the adult tastes

Aiming for a simple and high quality ice cream to satisfy adult tastes

PARM began with the goal of offering a simple yet high quality ice cream product that would satisfy adult tastes. When the development project started in 2002, the ice cream market had already matured, and ice cream itself had become a commodity. At that time, most people thought that ice cream was something that children would eat. However, when considering the social background of Japan, where the birthrate is declining and the population is aging, the idea of ice cream for adults could lead to new possibilities. It was this idea that gave our development team a starting point for the project.

In addition, as some Japanese people have sensitive tongues and taste buds, they place great importance on the texture of ice cream. In particular, customers who seek great flavor tend to be more particular about texture. Our development team was particularly keen to create a product that satisfies such adults. Chocolate bar-type ice cream in particular was already a large market, but there was no prominent No. 1 brand. We believed that we should aim for the top share in this category. That belief was the basic concept for our effort to develop PARM.

Our scientific pursuit toward deliciousness in an ice cream product

The freezing process, which solidifies the liquid ice cream mix, is an important factor that affects the overall taste of ice cream, its hardness and texture, and melting in the mouth. As part of our basic research, we tried to scientifically analyze deliciousness. One step in that process was to verify the movement of fat globule particles during the freezing process. This led to the birth of the rapid freezing method we now use to produce PARM.

A unique freezing method
– balance of the richness of milk and a clear, clean aftertaste

Ice cream structure comparison(ice crystals)

The smoothness that characterizes the ice cream in PARM comes from a unique process called rapid freezing.
Filling at a lower temperature, rapid hardening, and refined ice cream structure allow the ice crystals to exist in a fine state, resulting in an extremely smooth texture. We have also devised a way to keep the unique smoothness of PARM over a long period when stored at the temperature of a typical home freezer (-18°C or lower).

Searching for texture that integrates ice cream and chocolate


Another important factor is that the ice cream and chocolate should melt together. Rather than having customers say, “I like this chocolate.” or “I like this ice cream.”, we want them to say, “I like this chocolate-coated ice cream bar.” This is the reason that we must create just the right balance between the chocolate coating and the ice cream.

Usually the chocolate coating in ice cream bars is brittle so it may crack and fall off the bar when eating. Also the ice cream may melt first leaving the hard chocolate in the mouth. When customers eat PARM, however, they will sense no difference in the texture of the ice cream and that of the chocolate coating. We made the unique attempt to create the sense of biting into luscious real chocolate on an ice cream bar. More than one year was needed for our team to develop this new chocolate.

Melting time for chocolate