Scope of Research and Development

Scope of Research and Development Scope of Research and Development Contributing to Health and Well-being
Morinaga Milk Industry Co., Ltd.
– Research and Development

Food Research & Development

We seek to bring together unique technologies to provide creative products for varying various lifestyles.

With the aim of balancing “delicious and pleasurable food” with “health and nutrition, we use our unique manufacturing technology and know-how to develop beverages, yogurt, ice cream, cheese, desserts, wellness foods as well as the containers and packaging necessary to protect these products.

Food Research & Development Institute

Health Care & Nutritional Science

We continue to provide products that support various stages of life from infants to the elderly.

We conduct research on the nutritional needs and health concerns for each age group of our customers and for medical care applications. Our research efforts cover the development of food products such as formula milk and food for expecting mothers both in domestic and overseas, as well as liquid nutrition and nutritional supplements for use in medical and nursing care facilities.

Health Care & Nutritional Science Institute

Food Ingredients & Technology

We seek out new applications for food ingredients to create new, innovative ways to increase the value of food.

Our research includes exploring the functional ingredients such as bifidobacteria, lactic acid bacteria, lactoferrin, peptides, and lactulose. We obtain clinical evidence and develop technologies for analyzing and manufacturing these ingredients, which can be applied to making high-value-added food products.

Food Ingredients & Technology Institute

Innovative Research Institute

We also conduct joint research with domestic and overseas research institutes to promote innovation that lays the foundation for the future.

We are conducting basic research with focus on bifidobacteria and gut microbiota and exploring new functional ingredients, such as probiotics and prebiotics, to discover new functionalities and their relevance to health.

Innovative Research Institute

Food Solution Research Institute

Our goal is to create added value with the new applications that can solve food problems of our customers.

We evaluate the taste and texture of our products from the customer’s point of view and propose new recipes and ways to use those products. This work also leads to the creation of even better products. Furthermore, we develop better dairy products such as butter, cream and skim milk powder as well as plant-based foods, particularly tofu.

Food Solution Research Institute

R&D Planning Department

We strive toward the creation of a working environment and the management structure that will promote the development of beneficial research results.

As a cross-functional department of the R&D Division, we collect and disseminate academic information necessary for research and development. We also support clinical trials, conduct research-related public relations activities and general affairs, as well as manage maintenance of related equipments.

R&D Planning Department