• Title Sensory evaluation of a low-volume high-protein EPA-containing nutritional supplement for patients undergoing chemotherapy
    Author K.Yoshida, K.Takahashi, Y.Shiraishi*1, S.Morita, H.Iwamoto, K.Tanaka*2, and K.Miyaji
    *1Department of Nutrition, Iga City General Hospital, *2Department of Surgery, Iga City General Hospital
    Journal JSPEN 4(4-5): 195-200 (2022)
    Summary We performed the sensory evaluation of “Small E Pudding,” a low-volume high-protein eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA)-containing nutritional supplement on cancer patients. Some features related to “flavor attributes,” “texture,” and “continuity” were rated significantly higher by the cancer patients than by the healthy subjects. “Small E Pudding” is highly acceptable to cancer patients.
  • Title Associations between maternal diet, human milk macronutrients, and breast-fed infant growth during the first month of life in the SMILE Iwamizawa in Japan
    Author Y.Komatsu, Y.Wada, F.Tabata, S.Kawakami, Y.Takeda, K.Nakamura*1, T.Ayabe*1, K.Nakamura*2,3, T.Kimura*3, and A.Tamakoshi*3
    *1Department of Cell Biological Science, Faculty of Advanced Life Science, Department of Cell Biological Science, Hokkaido University Graduate School of Life Science, *2Department of Public Health and Hygiene, Graduate School of Medicine, University of the Ryukyus, *3Department of Public Health, Hokkaido University Graduate School of Medicine
    Journal Nutrients 15(3): 654 (2023)
    Summary This study aimed to examine (1) how maternal diet influences human milk macronutrients, and (2) to what extent the variation in milk macronutrients affects infant growth during the first month of life. The result indicates that a part of the maternal diet impacts macronutrient contents in human milk, but milk macronutrients have a limited effect on infant growth only within the normal growth curve during the first month of life.
  • Title Nutritional evaluation of milk-, plant-, and insect-based protein materials by protein digestibility using the INFOGEST digestion method
    Author Y.Komatsu, M.Tsuda, Y.Wada, T.Shibasaki, H.Nakamura, and K.Miyaji
    Journal Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 71(5):2503-2513 (2023)
    Summary The INFOGEST method is a valuable tool for understanding and monitoring food digestion as an alternative to in vivo assays. This study aimed to evaluate the protein quality of milk-, plant-, and insect-based protein materials by in vitro protein digestibility and in vitro digestible indispensable amino acid score, following the INFOGEST method. These results indicate that milk-based protein materials have higher protein quality than plant- and insect-based protein materials by the nutritional evaluation following the INFOGEST method.
  • Title A lower ratio of reduced to total albumin in serum is associated with protein nutritional status of pregnant women in Japan
    Author F.Tabata, Y.Wada, T.Shibasaki, S.Kawakami, M.Inubashiri*1, M.Hosaka*1, K.Noshiro*2, T.Umazume*2, and K.Miyaji
    *1Fukuzumi Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic, *2Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Hokkaido University Graduate School of Medicine
    Journal Nutrition Research 114: 1-12 (2023)
    Summary The serum reduced albumin ratio of pregnant women was compared with protein intake and with gestation outcomes (gestation length and infant birth weight) in an observational study of Japanese pregnant women. The serum reduced albumin ratio reflects protein nutritional status during pregnancy and may contribute to healthier gestation outcomes.
  • Title The relationship between intake frequency of regular or home delivered dairy products and the risk of dementia in the elderly
    Author A.Tada, M.Tanaka, M.Yokoyama*, and K.Kondo*
    *Center for Preventive Medical Sciences, Chiba University.
    Journal Japanese Pharmacology & Therapeutics 50(4):645-661 (2022)
    Summary We examined the association between the frequency of intake of home delivered dairy products containing functional ingredients and the risk of dementia among elderly people who were not certified long-term care nor needed support. The results of this study showed that high-frequency users of home delivered dairy products with functional ingredients in the late-stage elderly have a lower risk of dementia.
  • Title Blood glucose response of a low-carbohydrate oral nutritional supplement with isomaltulose and soluble dietary fiber in individuals with prediabetes: A randomized, single-blind crossover trial
    Author E.Kokubo, S.Morita, H.Nagashima*, K.Oshio, H.Iwamoto, and K.Miyaji
    *Medical Corporation Chiseikai Tokyo Center Clinic
    Journal Nutrients 14(12): 2386 (2022)
    Summary Low-carbohydrate oral nutritional supplement with isomaltulose and soluble dietary fiber (LC-ONS) showed significantly lower blood glucose rise after intake than the same energy amount of standard product in adults with prediabetes. LC-ONS is oral nutritional supplement with small blood glucose rise after ingestion.
  • Title Dynamic associations of milk components with the infant gut microbiome and fecal metabolites in a mother-infant model by microbiome, NMR metabolomic, and time-series clustering analyses
    Author Y.Komatsu, D.Kumakura*, N.Seto, H.Izumi, Y.Takeda, H.Onishi*, S.Nakaoka*, and T.Aizawa*
    *Graduate School of Life Science, Hokkaido University
    Journal Frontiers in Nutrition 8:813690 (2022)
    Summary This study examined dynamic associations of human milk components with the infant gut microbiome and fecal metabolites throughout the lactation period. The result indicates that human milk oligosaccharides could influence the infant gut microbiome, including bifidobacterium species, and its metabolites could contribute to the developmental benefits to the infant.
  • Title Comparison of isolation methods using commercially available kits for obtaining extracellular vesicles from cow milk
    Author M.Morozumi, H.Izumi, T.Shimizu, and Y.Takeda
    Journal Journal of Dairy Science 104(6): 6463-6471 (2021)
    Summary Milk-derived Extracellular vesicles (EV) are widely known because of their potential for immune enhancement. However, procedures for isolating milk-derived EV have not been fully established. A comparison of isolation methods for obtaining milk-derived EV showed that a combination of acetic acid precipitation and size exclusion chromatography can effectively isolate high amounts of pure EV from bovine milk.
  • Title Serum albumin redox states: more than oxidative stress biomarker
    Author F.Tabata, Y.Wada, S.Kawakami, and K.Miyaji
    Journal Antioxidants 10(4): 503 (2021)
    Summary Serum albumin redox state has long been viewed as a biomarker of systemic oxidative stress, but recent studies revealed oxidized albumin per se could aggravate the pathological conditions. Furthermore, serum albumin redox state has been demonstrated as a sensitive protein nutrition biomarker. This article provides an updated overview of analytical techniques for serum albumin redox state and its association with human health, focusing on recent findings.
  • Title Relationship Between Blood Test Values, Including Blood Glucose and Uric Acid, and Lifestyle in Adults ―A Cross-sectional Study in Matsumoto, Japan―
    Author D.Ochi, K.Nomaguchi, M.Tanaka, F.Abe, I.Kakiuchi*1, K.Kiyosawa*1, M.Miyasaka*1, M.Nakamura*2, and N.Sakane*3
    *1Matsumoto Junior College, *2Matsumoto City Hospital, *3Division of Preventive Medicine, Clinical Research Institute, National Hospital Organization Kyoto Medical Center
    Journal Japanese Pharmacology & Therapeutics 48(6): 969-978 (2020)
    Summary As a result of investigation of blood test values, including blood glucose and uric acid, and lifestyle in adults in Matsumoto, it was found that lifestyle factors such as weight gain, drinking, dairy product intake, and fruit intake were each associated with blood test values.