• Title Effect of overhead irrigation with slightly acidic hypochlorous acid water on reducing anthracnose infection of Cultivars Kirapika and Benihoppe strawberry seedlings
    Author T.Nakamura, T.Ikari*, M.Tanaka, K.Yamauchi, and F.Abe
    *Shizuoka Prefectural Research Institute of Agriculture and Forestry
    Journal Annual Report of the Kanto-Tosan Plant Protection Society, No. 65 pp.32-34 (2018)
    Summary Use of slightly acidic hypochlorous acid water (PURESTER-generated water) to irrigate strawberry seedlings revealed that it had an effect for reducing infection with anthracnose, a major disease with a strong bearing on cultivation. In addition, because there was no detectable adverse influence on growth, it is thought that slightly acidic hypochlorous acid water could be effectively used for irrigation of strawberry seedlings.