CSR of Morinaga Milk

CSR Concept

The Morinaga Milk Group believes that all practical steps to realize its corporate philosophy fall within the scope of CSR. All employees of the Morinaga Milk Group will contribute to "the creation of a society in which people can enjoy happiness and fulfillment" by voluntarily engaging in practical works.

CSR Promotion System

Under the CSR Committee chaired by the president, Morinaga Milk is promoting CSR activities throughout the entire group. In 2016, we set up the CSR Promotion Department as a special department charged with company-wide functions to organize CSR activities and strengthen the company's power to totally control its activities across the departments. As we did, we also established a system through which the entire company could address management issues related to CSR. By disseminating sufficient information and sharing information inside and outside the company, we will spread the concept of CSR to the entire company.
The CSR Committee extracts items to consider from the viewpoint of ESG (environment, society, governance) and examines important issues to be addressed in the future.

CSR Committee

With the president as a chairperson, the committee consists of the officers, the relevant department managers, and people appointed by the chairperson. The CSR Promotion Department, meanwhile, takes charge of the secretariat. The regular committee meeting is held once every three months, in principle. Four meetings have been held per year since the first meeting on July 29, 2016.

CSR Promotion Department

The CSR Promotion Department consists of the CSR Planning Office and Social Contribution Promotion Office. The CSR Planning Office is responsible for the planning, implementation, and promotion of measures to improve the corporate culture and organizational culture. The Social Contribution Promotion Office is responsible for promoting social contribution activities such as plant tours and food education.

  • The 1st CSR Committee was held in July 2016.

Sympathy with Society

The basis of the corporate activities of Morinaga Milk is to broaden empathy with seven stakeholders. We have themes for our work in relation to each stakeholder.