Research on Nutritional Food

Atsushi FuruyaWellness & Nutrition
Science Institute
*as of June,2018

We develop specialized nutritional food products for adults. The products include clinical liquid diets and jellies for the elderly or for those who have particular diseases or injuries that inhibit consuming a regular diet. We must therefore take extra care to ensure the Quality and Safety of these products. The nutrition contained in clinical foods is adjusted to fit the dietary reference intake of the elderly. Some people may assume that clinical foods need only to fulfill the nutrition needs of the elderly, but because we at Morinaga Milk understand that these products are a substitute for regular food, we are making full use of our own unique technology to develop products with pleasing taste and aroma. We want patients, even if they are receiving nutrition through tube feeding, to experience good taste as well as receive the nutritional benefit of our clinical foods. I strive to develop clinical foods that I think my parents would enjoy to take.
Our passion develops clinical foods that are user friendly (for example, product packages that can be easily connected to the feeding tube) and tasty. And Morinaga Milk was the first in Japan to be authorized to indicate on our packages "food for special dietary uses" (total nutritional diet). Also, these products must be easy to use by the caregivers. Some customer commented that it was troublesome to cut the jelly products into small pieces, therefore we reconfigured the package to make it easier for caregivers to use. Immediately following a major earthquake in 2011, Morinaga Milk provided food products to people in the disaster areas. This experience made me realize how important our products can be to maintain people's lives. Because these products are also playing a big role in our aging society, I would like to focus on developing even better and tastier products that can provide benefits to people suffering from a variety of ailments.

Core Clinical Food Products

  • Medical diet (liquid diet)

    Patients who have difficulty in chewing and swallowing food cannot eat regular food items, so they must take food in liquid form. Liquid diets are appropriate for managing nutritional needs through tube feeding.

  • Food for swallowing disorder

    These foods are prepared into easy-to-swallow shapes for use by those who cannot swallow regular food.

  • Viscosity adjusting food (food thickener)

    The viscosity of food can be regulated just by adding this powder to the food, to reach a consistency that is easy to swallow.

  • Nutritional supplement food

    These nutritionally enhanced foods provide a sufficient supply of vitamins, minerals and protein at times when a regular diet cannot offer adequate nutrition.

CZ-Hi Aseptic Bag

Occupying the top share of nutritional liquid food market, CZ-Hi provides the same balanced nutrition as a regular diet.CZ-Hi is the first in Japan authorized to indicate "food for special dietary uses" on the packages. And this aseptic bag was developed with Morinaga Milk's new technology called MOAS.