We believe that the Morinaga Milk Group's strengths are brand power and R&D abilities.

1The Morinaga Milk Group Manages Many Top Brands.

As Japan's most well-known milk manufacturer, the Group has gained the highest share* of this market with its Mt. RAINIER CAFFE LATTE chilled cup-type coffee, chilled tea beverages under the Lipton brand, and chilled desserts. The Group also has a high share of the yogurt, cheese and ice cream markets. The products offered by the Morinaga Milk Group, ranging from infant formula for newborn infants to nursing care food and liquid diet, cover consumers' entire lives. The Group has affiliations with Kraft, Sunkist and Lipton, top overseas brands, and provides many products used by people every day. The Group consistently provides products that occupy an important place in consumers' everyday lives with reliable quality. This is the wellspring of Morinaga Milk's brand strength, built up over one century.

*Source: INTAGE Inc.’s SRI (share of sales amounts in Apr 2018‐Mar 2019),Shares of home‐use products by monetary amount

The Morinaga Milk Group manages many top brands.

2The Morinaga Milk Group Puts its Resources into R&D.

The Morinaga Milk Group carries out a wide range of research based on identifying the impressive strengths of milk to maximize them. Through research on dairy milk and breast milk, the Group has established manufacturing technology for dairy-derived ingredients such as Bifidobacterium longum BB536, found in healthy babies, and Lactoferrin, a glycoprotein with antibacterial activity found in breast milk, and have applied these technologies to many products. The Group's basic policy for its R&D activities is to pursue the unique value of milk, utilize this value in a wide variety of products and thus contribute to peoples' health and prosperity. In addition to dairy-derived ingredients, we are also focusing on R&D into various functional materials such as AloesterolR, with is effective in beautifying the skin.

Bifidobacterium longum BB536 , Lactoferrin , aloe

ColumnMorinaga Milk Group's Medium-term Business Plan

The Morinaga Milk Group is implementing a three-year Medium-term business plan (FYE March 2020-FYE March 2022) from a medium- and long-term.

*For more detailed information on the Medium-term business plan, please refer to this site.