Morinyu Smile Club


  • The Morinyu Smile Club was organized by the employees of Morinaga Milk voluntarily in December 2006. Club members set aside small fractions of their salaries (in units of 100 yen), every month and donate the accumulated funds to contribute even in a small way to the betterment of society. For every yen donated by an employee, Morinaga sends a matching donation to one of the various groups the club supports under the Morinaga “Matching Gift*” program.
    The employee participation rate in the Morinyu Smile Club is about 50%, well above the participation rate (about 20%) of other companies with similar programs. A steering committee meets several times each year to decide on donation recipients and the contents of support activities based on ongoing discussions and consideration of the members' thoughts. Since the club was established, Morinaga Milk has donated 36.25 million yen to over 20 organizations, including the Japanese Red Cross Society.

    * Matching Gift
    When the Morinyu Smile Club collects donations to contribute to society, each company in the Morinaga Milk Group adds the same amount to the funds donated from employees.

    Twelve-year Anniversary Celebration!

Activities in 2017

In 2017, the Morinaga Milk Group held an event in which all group employees across the nation could participate. The members will strive to bring more “smiles” to future society by holding repeating events in the coming years and promoting social contribution activities throughout the company.

  • 1. Smile Library (picture book translation project)
    Stickers with translations in Bengali, Nepali, and other languages were placed into Japanese picture books and sent the books to children overseas who speak those languages.
    Some 200 Morinaga Milk employees from across Japan took part in this project. (In cooperation with the Education Sponsorship in Asia (ESA))

    • Smile Library

  • 2. Social Contribution Events
    In November, an exhibition was held at Morinaga’s Research & Information Center to sell specialty products from Oita Prefecture which suffered significant damage during the July 2017 flooding disaster in Northern Kyushu. (In cooperation with the Oita Prefecture Tokyo Office)

    • Social Contribution Events

  • 3. Smile Lunch (TABLE FOR TWO Program)
    When a “special” nutritious meal option is purchased at the company cafeteria, Morinaga donates 20 yen per serving to cover meal costs for children in developing countries. This program has been carried out at our head office on the 25th of each month since November 2016 and at the Research & Information Center since November 2016. (In cooperation with TABLE FOR TWO, Seiyo Food-Compass Group, Inc.)

    Smile Lunch

4. Other social contribution activities
In addition to gathering donations, the Morinyu Smile Club conducts activities every year to promote the participation of its members and non-members in social contribution events.
To support the Monthly Giving Program*1, of CARE International Japan, the club collects secondhand books and used stamps to send them to CARE International Japan. In FY 2017 the club provided the equivalent of about 110,000 yen in support.
The club also participates in Walk the World*2, a charity event sponsored by the United Nations WFP Association.

  • CARE's Monthly Giving Program

  • Walk the World

*1 CARE's Monthly Giving Program
This is a program that contributes to easing poverty in developing countries by donating items no longer used at home or at the company, for reuse by donation recipients.

*2 Walk the World
This is a charity walk event held around the world with the aim of eradicating hunger among the world's children, under the theme of “stopping starvation on Earth”. A portion of the event participation fees is donated to fund the WFP's School Meal Program.