Business Partners and Suppliers

Procurement Policy

The Morinaga Milk Group Procurement Policy

In order to deliver high-quality, delicious, safe, and reliable products to consumers, the Morinaga Milk Group and its business partners comply with laws and social norms, and carry out procurement activities in consideration of social responsibilities such as human rights and the sustainable treatment of the environment. Morinaga will maintain equitable, fair, and transparent business relations with all business partners.

<Procurement Policy>
  • 1. Morinaga complies with laws and social norms and strive for fair transactions focused on considerations for human rights, the environment, biodiversity, occupational health and safety, etc.
  • 2. To improve the quality and value of the products the Morinaga Milk Group offers, the group places emphasis on cooperative relationships with our business partners in the areas of raw material quality, safety, technological capability, price, and delivery date.
  • 3. In conducting procurement activities, Morinaga provides fair, equitable and transparent opportunities to all of our business partners and implements transactions accordingly.

“Procurement” in this policy covers not only the procurement of raw materials and packaging materials used for products, but also various transactions related to the procurement of management resources such as facilities and equipment, as well as the various services to maintain and manage those same resources.

Relationship with Business Partners

Morinaga Milk conducts business with many suppliers, both for the procurement of various raw materials such as milk, containers, and packaging, and for the handling of the logistics of raw materials and goods. In order to deliver high-quality, safe, reliable, delicious, and worthwhile products to consumers, we ensure that our business partners know the Morinaga Milk Group Procurement Policy (indicated above) with a view to securing their understanding and cooperation, and to ensuring a mutual exchange of information that strengthens collaboration.
For example, this exchange includes sharing written standards with the suppliers of raw materials and checking information on the raw materials to be used (ingredient ratios, substance of origin, country of origin, allergens, genetic modifications, the presence or absence of food additives, etc.), the safety of container and packaging materials, safety in use, compliance with legal standards (e.g., compliance with residual agricultural chemicals standards), the status of quality control in a supplier’s manufacturing processes, etc. In addition, we conduct regular audits of manufacturing processes and production environments in collaboration with our business partners to improve overall quality levels.
Morinaga also regularly holds quality improvement seminars with raw material suppliers and shares information about activities for maintaining and improving the quality of raw materials, containers, packages, and the hygiene environment.

Quality improvement seminars with raw material suppliers

Support for Dairy Farmers

The Morinaga Dairy Farming Promotion Association was established as an incorporated foundation in 1968 in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of Morinaga Milk's founding. The association has supported dairy farmers in various ways over the past 50 years. In December 2011 it became a public interest incorporated foundation. Association activities include Dairy Farming Management Presentation Meetings to introduce unique and leading-edge domestic management approaches. Activities also include barn meetings where progressive dairy farmers in local regions can exchange information at their farms, as well as gain knowledge from both Japan and overseas. Morinaga also provides training for up-and-coming dairy farmers of the next generation, both in Japan and abroad, to contribute to the sustainable development of dairy farming.
Morinaga Milk believes that reducing the distance between dairy farmers and consumers is one way to forge a path forward in response to the challenges faced by today’s dairy farmers.
The Dairy Farm Services Department personnel at Morinaga Milk visit dairy farmers to listen to their issues and concerns and provide them with information on consumer markets and agricultural policies. Through this activity, Morinaga shares internally information on the current situation of dairy farming and includes it in the information provided to consumers. This enables Morinaga to act as a bi-directional pipeline connecting consumer markets and dairy farms. Morinaga also plans to invite consumers to dairy farms in the near future. Morinaga Rakunou Co., Ltd., one of the Morinaga Milk Group companies, provides a feed management consulting service through its feed sales business to support dairy farmers in managing the environment for, and the nutrition and breeding of, their dairy cows.
To continue to deliver safe and delicious dairy products, it is also important to communicate to consumers the role of dairy farming and the efforts of dairy farmers. Through such activities, Morinaga can not only enhance the value of milk and dairy products, but also reaffirm in the minds of consumers the social value of dairy farming, which in turn leads to its sustainability.

Morinaga communicates directly with dairy farmers with the aim of being a pipeline connecting consumer markets and dairy farms.