Safety and Health of Employees

Morinaga Milk regards the assurance of the safety and health of its employees as a top priority in corporate management and has established the following “Basic Policy on Health and Safety”. The Manufacturing Department, in particular, organizes safety and health management teams in each plant based on the Industrial Safety and Health Act and related regulations and internal rules. Morinaga also creates and actively promotes safety targets as well implements plans to improve employee safety and health levels using preemptive activities according to the occupational safety and health management system.

Basic Policy on Health and Safety

Morinaga Milk, recognizing that safety and health are core foundations of corporate management, regards the assurance of safety and health in cooperation with employees as the most important responsibility of management. Everyone works to ensure a comfortable working environment.

<Basic Policy>
  • 1.All employees work on safety and health activities and act to realize “safety first” practices and “zero accidents” in the workplace.
  • 2.Morinaga promotes the creation of a corporate culture and environment where “everyone always follows the prescribed rules,” and complies with the Industrial Safety and Health Act, related laws, and internal regulations.
  • 3.Morinaga promotes the creation of a work environment that is both physically and mentally comfortable, and cooperates with industrial physicians to conduct periodic health examinations and health guidance to improve our employees' health.
  • 4.Morinaga, especially the Manufacturing Department, conducts the following safety and health activities.

Promoting Safety and Health Activities

The manufacturing departments in the Morinaga Milk Group implement measures to eliminate or reduce risks, conduct safety and health audits, and develop mental health risk assessments. The group will continue to actively promote these preemptive activities to improve our safety and health levels.

Promoting Health Management

Aiming to make all employees healthy, Morinaga Milk released the “Morinaga Milk Health Declaration” in August 2015 and started the “Morinaga Milk Health Management Program”. Program activities include medical treatment and the prevention of accidents and injuries focused on both physical care and mental care. Morinaga also promotes activities to improve the health of our employees through health guidance based on health check results, stress checks, a telephone health consultation service, support for balancing medical treatment and work, etc.

Promoting Diversity

Morinaga Milk believes it is important to not only recognize diversity, but also to encourage all employees to fully realize their own individuality and abilities while accepting each other’s differences, and to promote corporate activities. In order to ensure that employees properly understand diversity and inclusion, Morinaga promotes a variety of initiatives such as briefings at various facilities around the country.

Morinaga Milk Diversity and Inclusion Declaration

Management and employees will:

  • Respect the diversity of employees and work to create a workplace in which all employees can maximize their potential.
  • Support employee “smiles” and “vibrancy”, both at and away from work.
  • Continue to express Morinaga’s characteristic values to society through our employees’ smiles and vibrant work ethic.

Support for Female Workers

Morinaga Milk supports female workers as part of its diversity promotion efforts. This support includes training such as “Female Leader Training” and the “Work × Child-raising Power-Up Seminar” to support employees seeking to advance in their careers and employees seeking to balance the demands of work and caring for children. We are also examining mechanisms and tools to promote the engagement of female workers who return to their workplaces after childcare leave.
* Morinaga is now working on the first phase of an action plan for compliance with the “Act on Promotion of the Women’s Participation and Advancement in the Workplace”.

Female Leader Training

Enhancing the Childcare Support System

As part of its activities to promote work-life balance, Morinaga Milk is enhancing childcare support measures. Employees burdened with the dual demands of work and child-raising are able to actively engage in their work in various departments with support from the reduced-hours work system, flextime policy, etc. In addition, in 2015, Morinaga established a paternity leave system to raise awareness about the participation of male workers in child-raising. The numbers of male workers who are using paternity leave and childcare leave is increasing.
* Morinaga Milk was certified by the Director of Tokyo Labor Bureau in 2008, 2010, and 2012 as a business that supports parenting. In recognition of this certification, Morinaga received the “next generation certification mark” (known as Kurumin) in those same years. Morinaga is now working on the 6th phase of the action plan.

Enhancing the Nursing Care Support System

In recent years, the number of employees working while caring for their families is increasing. In 2017, Morinaga responded to this trend by starting a system allowing our employees to divide nursing care into three separate leaves of up to 185 days in total, a period exceeding the requirement under the relevant law. In 2018, Morinaga established the “Long-Distance Travel Subsidy for Providing Nursing Care” for employees burdened with high travel costs from returning to their hometown, etc. to provide nursing care to a family member. This subsidy covers part of the travel costs for such employees. Morinaga Milk supports employees aiming to balance work and nursing care.

Expert System

The “expert system” is a system for rehiring employees aged 60 or older. The system enables employees of this age to maintain stable rhythms and routines in their lives. In workplaces with highly skilled senior human resources, the system also allows us to promote the transfer of skills to young employees.

Promoting the Employment of People with Disabilities

Morinaga Milk employs people with diverse backgrounds, from new graduates to experienced staff. Employees with disabilities are placed in positions where they can demonstrate their individual abilities.

Work-life Balance

Morinaga Milk is striving to instill the work-life balance concept in our corporate culture to enable all employees to vitalize their living and working styles by efficiently performing worthwhile work and using the knowledge and experience they gain from their work to achieve results.

Review of Working Styles

Morinaga Milk has introduced a “No Overtime Day” system, “My Holiday System”, and “Interval System” to better reflect the working styles of employees and make their work more interesting.
The “No Overtime Day” serves as a reminder to employees at all work locations, including the head office, that work is to be finished by the designated time.
In 2007 the “My Holiday System” was introduced to promote the use of annual leave. By planning the taking of leave in advance, employees and their managers are better able to arrange work schedules for the times that employees are away from their workplace. Advance planning also relieves the employees of any anxiety about taking their annual leave. Thanks to these efforts, the use of annual leave has increased in recent years, reaching 64.8% in FY 2017. We continue to move forward with initiatives with the aim of reaching 85%.
For the physical and mental health of our employees, an “Interval System” has been in place in the head office, branches, and sales offices since 2014. The Interval System secures more rest time for employees by ensuring off-time of a certain duration from the end of work, including overtime work, to the start of work on the next day. Effort is being made at all levels to encourage the healthy living of our employees through the prevention of overwork.

Working Styles Suitable for Life Events

Morinaga Milk has adopted “regional employment areas” to spare employees the trouble of relocating domiciles after a job transfer. This arrangement also gives employees the choice of flexible ways of working suited to their lives outside of work.

Promoting Flexible Working Styles

Morinaga Milk promotes flexible ways of working through its “Teleworking/Satellite Work System”, “Reduced-hours Work System”, and flextime policy.
Since its introduction in 2017, the “Teleworking/Satellite Work System” has improved work productivity by allowing employees to use their time more effectively and strike a better balance between work and private life. All employees, with or without childcare or nursing care obligations, are eligible to use the system. We continue to review the working styles most amenable to highly productive work.
Under the flextime policy introduced in June 2015, work starts at the Morinaga Milk head office between 7:00 and 10:00 and ends between 15:30 and 18:30. Employees can individually set their working hours within those time zones.
In addition, a flextime policy has been adopted at the Research & Information Center to improve awareness of efficient work operations.

Promoting Volunteer Activities

Morinaga Milk operates a volunteer leave system to promote social contribution activities by its employees. The volunteer leave system allows our employees to take leave for up to 10 days a year for volunteer activities.
Under this system, volunteers engage in activity based on their volunteer spirit and altruism without receiving compensation. As the system applies to activities where employees make a meaningful contribution to society, any such kind of activity is eligible for inclusion in this program, in principle.
Morinaga Milk also supports the activities of the “Morinyu Smile Club”, which was organized voluntarily by employees in December 2006. Club members set aside a small fraction of their monthly salary (in units of 100 yen), providing funds to support activities in the form of donations, etc. to contribute to society. Under its “Matching Gift” program, Morinaga Milk also sends a matching donation to the groups that Morinyu Smile Club supports.
Morinaga Milk supports employees who actively contribute to society.

Fair and Equitable Employment

Aiming for equal opportunities, Morinaga Milk provides equitable and fair employment so that diverse people can actively work.

Transition from Fixed-term Employment to Open-end Employment

Morinaga Milk revised its personnel system for contract employees in April 2016 to allow fixed-term contract employees who have certain level of experience to enter into an open-end employment agreement with the company. Also those contract employees without defined employment periods can be regarded as regular employees under the system. Since 2016, 20 contract employees have had their status changed. Morinaga has clarified the scope of responsibility and expected roles in each employment classification so as to promote the active participation of diverse employees.

System for Responding to Motivated Former Employees

Many former employees, who terminate their employment due to various personal reasons or desired career changes, express their desire to return to Morinaga Milk at a later time. To respond to such desires and, at the same time, take advantage of the experiences and skills such former employees have accumulated during their tenure in other companies, Morinaga now has an arrangement for a rehiring former employees.
Regular employees who have worked at Morinaga Milk for more than three years are, in principle, eligible for rehiring, regardless of the reasons for their leaving Morinaga. To date, seven people have returned to active work at Morinaga Milk under this arrangement.