Customer Service Center

The Morinaga Milk Customer Service Center has served as a channel for consumer inquiries, consultations, and suggestions from all over Japan since 1972. In FY 2017 Morinaga received over 62,000 comments, mainly by toll-free telephone, letters, and e-mail.
When a consumer requires a response, immediately work is begun with related departments which promptly get back to the consumer with a sincere response.
Morinaga Milk will continue to use the Customer Service Center for interactive communication to improve consumer satisfaction.

Morinaga Milk Makes Use of Consumer Opinions

Morinaga Milk has built a system to make use of the opinions of its consumers, in recognition of their value as a valuable management resource. With the system, consumer comments were entered into “Heartline,” Morinaga’s consumer opinion database, to incorporate those opinions into processes for developing and improving products and services.
For example, in response to consumers who have expressed their wish to continue enjoying coffee during pregnancy and breastfeeding, or in the evening, Morinaga introduced “Mt. RAINIER CAFFÈ LATTE Decaf”, which has 97% less caffeine with the same delicious taste. Also, when consumers asked for a less bulky storage option for “KRAFT Kireteru Cheese”, the package was redesigned to enable more efficient storage.

Consumer Satisfaction Questionnaire Surveys

In 1995, Morinaga Milk began conducting questionnaire surveys on the satisfaction levels and opinions of consumers who accessed the Customer Service Center. These surveys provide the collected opinions from consumers regarding their interactions with the persons they contact through the telephone service and deal with later in the consultation process (including visits). Consumers also explain their future intentions to purchase Morinaga Milk products. These responses provide vital feedback for our process to improve the quality of our services and products.

Angel 110 Hotline

In May of 1975, when the number of nuclear families was surging in an environment of rapid economic growth, Morinaga started a free childcare telephone consultation service. This service helps mothers who were struggling with taking care of their children in a dramatically changing child-raising environment. The consultation service continues to welcome questions from mothers about their early stages of pregnancy, child-raising, and their children’s early years up to elementary school. As of March 2018, the consultation service received 951,141 questions. The questions have spanned the gamut of topics from eating habits (“How much and what should I feed my baby?”) and parental fears (“I have no confidence in my child-raising skills”) to child development.
Beyond telephone consultations, Morinaga also takes part in activities supporting events at local childcare assistance facilities, nursing student programs, and childcare support seminars for employees.
Center consultants listen to the anxieties, troubles, and doubts of the parents of young children, think through things with them to help them find solutions, and work in other ways to ease their worries. Morinaga is committed to continuing offering support to anyone struggling with the challenges of pregnancy and bringing up children.

  • Angel 110 Hotline Consultant

  • Childcare support seminars offered to company employees