Morinaga Milk’s Key Initiatives

Seven Key Initiatives

“For Ever Brighter Smiles” — following its corporate slogan, Morinaga Milk has formulated seven key initiatives. These form a set of guidelines for helping create a sustainable society and ensuring we are always a company that contributes to the health of people during the next 100 years of our history.

  • Health and Nutrition

    Health and Nutrition

    We will develop and market products that are both functional and palatable as we aim to achieve the vision “For Ever Brighter Smiles” so we can make a positive difference in people’s health and nutrition.

    ●There is growing demand today for highly nutritious products and products with high palatability. Moreover, over the medium to long term, the trend toward aging societies will become the norm. Morinaga Milk aims to use its proprietary R&D prowess to contribute to achieving healthy lifestyles through promoting harmony of both mind and body.
    ●As Japan’s population ages and grows smaller in number, we will aim to create and provide technologies and services that not only result in product appeal, but also help transform people’s lifestyles.

  • Environment


    We will contribute to a sustainable society by creating safe and reliable products while working to conserve energy and reduce waste.

    ●We will engage in corporate activities mindful of our influence on climate change and forests.
    ●We recognize that reducing food waste is an urgent task for ensuring the effective use of the world’s limited resources.

  • Human Rights

    Human Rights

    We will engage in corporate activities mindful of human rights as well as create an environment that respects diversity and a place where people of all backgrounds can contribute their skills.

    ●We recognize that our people are a particularly important management resource for helping to form a sustainable society. We will work alongside those outside our company to promote diversity and address various human rights issues, with the goal of realizing “For Ever Brighter Smiles” for everyone.

  • Supply


    We will procure raw materials with an eye on the environment and human rights to deliver high quality products through manufacturing focused on safety and reliability.

    ●We continue to research new formulations while working with our research institutes and plants to get maximum benefits from new dairy ingredients, in preparation for a future likely to have a shortage of dairy ingredients.
    ●Safety is one of our most important areas of focus. We will continue to carry out our current initiatives for safety.

  • Fostering the Next Generation

    Fostering the Next Generation

    We will pave the way for the future by fostering the next generation who will play an integral role in creating a sustainable society.

    ●Morinaga Milk is helping to foster sound physical and mental health, provide career education, and support child-rearing, aimed at a brighter tomorrow for our children.

  • Developing Human Resources

    Developing Human Resources

    We will focus on developing human resources to achieve the vision of “For Ever Brighter Smiles”.

    ●Developing a broad range of human resources, from new hires to executive management, is critical to our sustainable growth as a company. We will establish systems and programs that harness individual aptitude for skills development and promote professional growth.

  • Corporate Governance

    Corporate Governance

    We will continuously work to develop and improve our highly effective governance system aimed at sustainable growth and enhancement of corporate value.

    ●We will engage stakeholders appropriately through dialogue and the proactive disclosure of information.
    ●Together with sharing messages from management, we will work to build up internal controls, including establishing rules, fostering the right mindset in employees, and ensuring fair transactions with suppliers.

Formulating the Key Initiatives

Seven Requirements “For Ever Brighter Smiles”

In April 2017, Morinaga Milk announced its new corporate philosophy along with a new corporate slogan.
As the next step in our evolution, in 2018 we formulated key initiatives.
These key initiatives represent areas of particular focus in order to achieve an enriched society filled with bright smiles, one of our major underlying goals.
To formulate key initiatives, we held workshops on a total of four occasions. Each session was attended by around 30 employees from various departments who worked together to identify issues. As a result of discussions, we arrived at seven major underlying issues. These seven key initiatives were then approved by the CSR Committee.

  • Workshop with active discussions on the natural environment

Contributing to a Sustainable Society

During this process, we referenced our own Guiding Principles along with the GRI Guidelines, ISO 26000, and the SDG Compass advocated by the United Nations. Through efforts to address the key initiatives, we believe that Morinaga Milk will be able to contribute to a sustainable society as a good corporate citizen.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) consist of 17 goals and 169 targets for sustainable development established by the United Nations. Adopted in 2015, the goal is to achieve the SDGs by the year 2030. With the basic concept “Leave no one behind”, the SDGs require efforts not only by governments and NGOs, but also by the private sector, in order to solve the world’s problems, including economic disparities, sustainable consumption and production, and climate change.
Morinaga Milk is committed to doing its part to help achieve the SDGs.

Identifying Issues in the Supply Chain

Morinaga Milk engages in a wide range of activities spanning from raw materials procurement to manufacturing, sales and waste disposal. When formulating the seven key initiatives, we determined specific efforts to be made to resolve issues across the entire supply chain, and among these, we identified areas of particular importance.
All departments and divisions are now working to address their individual issues.

Key Initiatives in the Supply Chain and Specific Actions

Key Initiatives in the Supply Chain and Specific Actions

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Future Issues (Dialogue with Stakeholders and Establishment of KPI)

We plan to review the key initiatives formulated on this occasion as necessary, considering the changing social situation and the voices of stakeholders.
Mr. Hiroshi Ishida of the Caux Round Table who led our SDGs study session in 2017 had the following to say: “I commend Morinaga Milk for its encompassing process involving many related divisions with an overarching view of the entire supply chain. Looking ahead, I expect the company to identify latent risks, publicize its understanding, and take action. Morinaga Milk must also urgently establish a policy on human rights so that it can declare its corporate activities are in compliance with the United Nations’ ‘Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights’.”
We will strive to address issues in sync with the needs of society and the current times, by valuing dialogue with many more stakeholders.
In addition, as a next step, we will establish KPI* for the key initiatives and aim to publish our progress and achievement of each individual initiative.
* KPI (Key Performance Indicator) refers to a numerical indicator for objectively assessing and managing the progress and achievement of an activity.