Containers and Packages

Environmental Considerations Regarding Packaging

The Morinaga Group has developed and is now following its own unique Eco-package Guide to improve product packaging. The guide takes into consideration the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle), safety, and ease-of-use from the early stages of product planning and development onward.

Adoption of FSC® Certified Paper

The paper sleeve for MOW cup ice cream and the boxes for Pino and PARM ice cream use FSC®-certified* paper. By 2020 it is the goal to switch to FSC®-certified paper for as many ice cream products as possible.

* FSC® certification
FSC® certification is an internationally recognized certification program created to protect forest resources. Products and packaging receives this certification after a group of third-party certification bodies examines the use packaging from the viewpoints of environmental conservation and FSC (Forest Stewardship Council®) criteria to confirm that the forest resources have been produced under appropriate, socially meaningful, and economically sustainable management.

Left: MOW uses FSC®-certified paper sleeves.
Right: FSC® certification logo

Creation of Eco-package Guide

In 2005 Morinaga Milk Group implemented its own Eco-package Guide. In 2018 that guide was completely updated in line with the Japan Standards Association’s JIS Z 0130-2 (Optimization of the packaging system) for new product releases. This standard is applied to confirm environmental considerations such as the role of each component of packaging materials as well as ways to reduce the volume of packaging. Already various adjustments have been made to packaging as a result of considering environmental factors. Solutions devised by the Morinaga Group have been published as case studies by organizations such as the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, the Ministry of Economy, the Japan Food Industry Association, the Japan Dairy Industry Association, the Japan Soft Drink Association, the Paper Packaging Recycling Council, and the Plastic Packaging Recycling Council. The Morinaga Group will continue to develop and improve packaging that takes into consideration the environment, safety, ease of use, and the like.