Human Resource Development

Basic Approach

We will focus on developing human resources who can achieve “For Ever Brighter Smiles.”

Morinaga Milk was founded over a century ago. Throughout its history, Morinaga Milk has fostered a positive corporate culture centering on a commitment to quality. Over the next 100 years, Morinaga Milk will continue to build a corporate culture in which employees can take up new challenges together with enthusiasm and energy, while also valuing the achievements of the past.
To instill a corporate culture of embracing challenges, it is essential for each and every employee to enhance their own skills. Toward this end, the company needs self-motivated employees who can define their own goals and take action to achieve outcomes.
As a company that aims for sustainable growth, it is crucial for each and every employee to be willing to better themselves, while the company needs to recognize its responsibility of developing human resources who can carry the torch of the company’s future. As such, the culture of developing human resources will be instilled at various workplaces using continuous training. This is Morinaga Milk’s vision for human resource development.

Approach to Human Resources Development

  • ・Develop human resources who can recognize their roles and responsibilities while embracing the challenges of reform and innovation based on the corporate slogan and guiding principles.
  • ・Strategically develop human resources who will bear core responsibilities in the future.
  • ・Develop human resources who will contribute to the organization by respecting diversity and working collaboratively with others.
  • ・Employees are to take the initiative and play an independent role in their own self growth while the company provides opportunities to foster such growth.
  • ・Improve the leadership and training skills of senior employees who are responsible for developing human resources.


Morinaga Milk Sustainability Committee meetings, which are chaired by the president, are held twice a year for monitoring and reporting on the progress of KPIs. In addition, Morinaga Milk implements PDCA cycles with the general managers of the relevant divisions responsible for “Priority Issue: Human Resource Development” and the general managers of the relevant departments responsible for promoting KPIs. Moreover, the Human Resource Department acts as the main department in charge of human resource development, while working collaboratively with the Manufacturing Division and Sales & Marketing Division.

At Morinaga Milk, human resource development is implemented centering around the model of on-the-job training (OJT) where employees acquire specialized knowledge and skills through practical work and improve their abilities to execute job functions while gaining experiences. Through this, employees grow their experience and receive feedback from their superiors and senior colleagues thereby refining their skills and techniques.
Moreover, it is also important to learn outside of practical work in order to achieve growth. Therefore, Morinaga Milk provides a number of learning opportunities from off-the-job (Off-JT) programs including rank-based training and diversity support programs, to correspondence education, e-learning, and business schools under self-development support programs for employees who are taking the initiative to improve themselves.
Through the combination of the three programs: OJT, off-the-job (Off-JT) programs, and self-development support programs, it is the aim to develop a corporate culture that inspires individuals to seek self-improvement and embrace reform and innovation.
The specific initiatives under off-the-job (Off-JT) programs and self-development support programs are revised each year as the annual human resource development plan, with each development program being proposed and implemented.
Moreover, each department is in charge of their own training to enhance specialization among their staff. For example, the Manufacturing Division is taking the lead in hosting Morinaga Milk College with the goal of passing down manufacturing technologies, while the Sales & Marketing Division is taking charge of Morinaga Sales University in conducting training to improve sales skills.

Human Resource Development System


Direction of activities KPIs
Promote the Corporate Slogan Hold annual forum open to all employees
Encourage the independent growth of each individual employee by pursuing diversity Provide ongoing training for female leaders, training to encourage balance between work and childcare, and pre-management training; Human Resource Department will carry out interviews of young employees (1)
Develop human resources who can perform in a global business environment Pursue a program for global human resources development (2)
Develop human resources via health management Improve uptake rate of follow-up exams and reassessments for those who test results are of serious concern: 80% (2023)
Rate of attending mental health education: 100% (2023)

Progress on main KPIs (corresponding to number on the table):

  • (1) Total of 96 participants
  • 20 participants in FY 2019
  • (2) Scheduled training implemented as planned
  • Carried out interviews with employees within their first three years with the Group

Global Human Resource Development

Morinaga Milk is focusing on developing and growing its overseas business over the next 10 years as a key to its sustainable growth. Toward this end, in addition to committing management resources, Morinaga Milk is developing human resources not only proficient in English, but also with the ability to build personal relationships with people of differing backgrounds and values, convey one’s needs accurately, and build consensus with others during the course of business.

Global Business Skills Enhancement Program

As a skill to complement a global mindset focused on intercultural understanding, the program commenced in 2017 with the aim of empowering employees so that they can convey what they want to say in English both logically and assertively, in order to enhance their global business skills* needed for business communication in English. This four- to five-month program involves select employees carrying out business simulations at the start and end of the program to measure skills in assertiveness, negotiations, and presentations, assigning a score and receiving feedback. During the course of the program, participants enhance their skills through group lessons in addition to input training for learning the techniques behind global business success.

* Morinaga Milk’s definition of global business skills
The ability to build personal relationships with people of differing backgrounds and values, convey one’s needs accurately, and build consensus with others during the course of business.

Overseas Trainee Program

This program provides junior employees with experience living and working overseas to prepare them for future overseas assignments. Through such experiences at an early stage in their career, these employees are better prepared and equipped to contribute their competencies during a shorter duration stay when posted overseas as an expatriate employee in the future. The program lasts less than two years, during which time participants learn how to involve those around them in producing business success.

Sustainability Data Book 2020

See “Sustainability Data Book 2020” for details