Nurturing the Next Generation

Basic Approach

We support the healthy growth of children who will contribute to creating a sustainable society.

Morinaga Milk believes that since it is people who create society, cultivating people is something that must be done by society as a whole—it is not just the job of the education system.
With the rapid development of information technologies and globalization, it is becoming apparent that society is moving away from an era where future development remains an extension of current accepted practices. With the revised government guidelines for education in Japan, in terms of education Morinaga Milk aims to assist in developing the qualities and abilities the young need to innovate into the future.
Morinaga Milk has prepared a program utilizing its own knowledge to foster today’s children with their future in mind. Morinaga Milk will continue to support the nurturing of the next generation.


Morinaga Milk Sustainability Committee meetings, which are chaired by the president, are held twice a year for monitoring and reporting on the progress of KPIs. In addition, Morinaga Milk implements PDCA cycles with the general managers of the relevant divisions responsible for “Priority Issue:Nurturing the Next Generation” and the general managers of the relevant departments responsible for promoting KPIs.
The Sustainability Promotion Department serves as the secretariat for next-generation education programs and works in cooperation with the relevant departments.


Direction of activities KPIs
Provide a place to learn about food culture and nutrition in order to acquire the basic skills to live healthy and enjoyable lifestyles (food education classes, KidZania) Total participants over three‐year period starting in 2019: 300,000 (1)
Provide a place to learn about the gifts of nature and the techniques and research that utilize them (plant tours, Expedition of Woods and Food, career education) Same as above
Establish an environment for nurturing the next generation Provide ongoing consultation on infants with the Angel 110 Hotline; handle calls from a total of 1 million people by FY 2020 (2)

Progress on main KPIs (corresponding to number on the table):

  • (1) Approximately 100,000 visitors, including KidZania visits, factory tours, and company visits
  • Number of participants in company visits in FY 2019: approximately 600 (approximately twice the number for the previous year)
  • (2) Advice provided to over 980,000 callers
  • In 2020, we will mark the 45th anniversary of the establishment of this service. We will continue to enhance our public information activities

Little Angels Forest and Food Expedition Team

The “Little Angels Forest and Food Expedition Team” class is an outdoor educational experience for about 30elementary school students from Grades 4 through 6. The children spend four nights and five days together exploring life in nature. They cooperate with their classmates in a series of eating, creating, and playing experiences such as harvesting vegetables, tending to animals at dairy farms, climbing trees, playing in rivers, building rudimentary structures, and taking plant tours, all with the aim of discovering the essentials of living by one’s own devices in nature.
In light of COVID-19, we switched to an online roundtable discussion format in 2020, inviting participants from the past five years (2015 – 2019). Participants were asked about their current situation, their memories about the program, how their experience in the program has translated to their current life, and their opinions on why they liked the program and how it could be improved, while also having discussions with other program alumni. Through this program, Morinaga Milk will continue to support children in their growth and the development of an independent, strong spirit.

Pavilions at KidZania Tokyo and KidZania Koshien

KidZania provides an interactive experience where children can be leaders and learn about society while having fun. Empathizing with the KidZania concept of fostering realistic vocational experiences to equip children with the skills they need to survive in the future, Morinaga Milk is an official sponsor of “Milk House” pavilions at two KidZania cities–in Tokyo since 2012 and Koshien (in the Kansai area) since 2016. Children visiting Milk House work as “milk food marketers” to plan and create products that consumers will appreciate.
The goal of these work-like experiences is to have children: (1) experience and understand the work involved in providing new “added value” to consumers, (2) learn more about milk and dairy products, and (3) understand and take an interest in the dairy industry.

Sustainability Data Book 2020

See “Sustainability Data Book 2020” for details.