The Research and Information Center in Zama, Japan

Since our founding, Morinaga Milk has focused research efforts on understanding the nutritional value of milk to develop infant formulas that are as close to breast milk as possible. Based on this research, Morinaga Milk has developed a variety of food products, including milk and other dairy products, as well as their derivatives.
Applying the wealth of food technologies accumulated over the years, Morinaga Milk expanded early on into the fields of medical foods and functional food ingredients. Morinaga Milk is devoted to creating delicious and healthy products to satisfy ever- changing consumer needs.

R&D:An Important Process for Better Food and More Healthy Living

Delicious, nutritious food is a key factor for the modern, enjoyable lifestyle. The Research and Information Center of Morinaga Milk employs advanced technologies and expertise in food science, nutrition and functional foods to make significant contributions in creating foods that are more appealing and nutritious.

Food Research&Development Institute

Food Research & Development Institute develops unique key technologies that are needed to create tasty, beneficial and high- quality dairy products such as milk-based drinks, cheese, yogurt, ice cream and powdered milk. One such technology, aseptic packaging, is extensively utilized in Morinaga Milk products to maintain freshness over long periods of time, even for desserts and tofu. We conduct extensive research so that food technology may further evolve, allowing the development of truly beneficial food products that will meet the diverse needs of consumers.

Food Ingredients&Technology Institute

Food Ingredients & Technology Institute pursues the applicability of food materials that elevate the values of “delicious” and “healthy”. We explore for technologies that will lead to products with new values.
Milk is used to produce various kinds of foods that support our diet; in dairy products such as powdered milk, cream, cheese, and also in food materials such as milk proteins and milk peptides. Furthermore, functional food ingredients like bifidobacteria powder, lactoferrin, and aloe-derived materials, are expected to promote and maintain human health. We provide differentiated and superior value-added products by:
- developing technologies for dairy materials and functional food ingredients
- discovering and enhancing their health functions
- exploring new application technologies

Wellness & Nutritional Science Institute

Our goal is to deliver wellness to all ages from infants to elderly. We pursue the role of health and nutrition in each human life stage and proudly provide the attained results through our products. We develop the followings, for both domestic and oversea markets:
- Infant formula: for the healthy growth of infant, babies, and toddlers. Based on our deep and advanced research of breast milk.
- Clinical foods: for better life, meeting the nutritional requirements of each disease.
- Nutritional foods: for wellness of life and improvement of physical functions. Developed by exercising the most up-to-date health science.

Next Generation Science Institute

Next Generation Science Institute will accelerate innovation by challenging and overcoming social themes (eg. health, medical care, and environmental issues), with our basic research.
The outcome of food research will be applied broadly, from food products to medical and other social themes. We aim to lay the foundation of future business and to create new values through:
- exploring new ingredients and their unknown functions, with the most advanced technologies
- investigating interaction between life phenomena and internal environment such as the intestinal microbiota

Engineering Research Laboratory

Located in Morinaga Milk's Tokyo Tama Plant Complex, Engineering Research Laboratory specializes in developing the hardware used in Morinaga Milk's production activities. Among other things, we create new production equipment, improves existing equipment and develops on-line inspection equipment necessary for production of both new and existing products.

Food Reserch and Application Center

Food Reserch and Application Center evaluates products from the standpoint of consumers or users to determine how well factors such as flavor and product usability will be accepted. The center proposes improvements or makes suggestions to improve flavor and convenience. In addition, we independently develop new products to meet the needs of consumers and users.

Product Evalution Center

R&D Management Department

The mission of this Department is to develop and maximize the outcome of the institutes. By cross-integrating the various outcomes ? such as delicious taste and health functions ? we strive to enhance the value of Morinaga Milk products.
We also pursuit to build efficient R&D processes, from the initial development planning to informational communication of the final results. Under this goal, this Department covers the following:
- intellectual property acquisition
- clinical trial schedule structuring
- academic information compilation and its distribution among our researchers
- internal research information management
- research environment arrangement