World Health Organzation states that breast feeding is the best for your baby, and better to continue as long as possible.Please consult with your physician to find the optimal feeding for your baby.Morinaga Milk produces infant formula in Japan, as well as in cooperation with partner companies in Europe and Indonesia for export to a number of countries, including Pakistan, etc.


Hagukumi contains lactoferrin, a protein found in abundance in colostrum, the first milk produced by mothers for newborns, which is particularly healthy. The incredible properties of lactoferrin have been the topic in many scientific conferences, as well as television and in newspaper stories. Morinaga Milk was the first company in the world to add it to an infant formula. (Japan)


"E-AKACHAN" formula is especially recommended for babies with parents troubled by allergies, or with an elder sibling who has experienced allergies. All milk proteins are peptides. This is the first lactoferrin-containing peptide milk launched in Japan. (Japan)


"Chil-mil" is a follow-up formula for babies over 12 months containing of abundant iron and calcium, which are especially required for the growth of babies. Well-balanced nutirition supports the healthy growth of babies. (Japan)


We have been selling infant formula in Pakistan for over 30 years, cooperating with a local distributor. We've newly launched growing-up formula, BF-3 for kids over 1 year old. (Pakistan)


In 1986, we commenced local production of infant formula in Indonesia, followed by many products produced and sold locally, such as the follow-up formula Chil-Mil and the growing-up formulas Chil-Kid and Chil-School. In 1995, Morinaga Milk formed a joint venture with a prominent local company, and sales have been steady ever since. (Indonesia)

Morinaga 3 Growing Up Formula

Based on the technology we cultivated in Japan, we launched a new growing up formula in 2012 in China. It also contains lactoferrin, and ingredients are almost the same as our Japanese products. We adjust the contents to comply with Chinese law. (China)