Approach to CSR

CSR concepts

The Morinaga Milk Corporate Philosophy, Corporate Vision, and Brand Statement form the backbone of our business operations and all other activities we carry out. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) encompasses all three of these components.

To create a new food culture based on the excellent power of milk,
making a difference in people's health and society in general.

Providing superior value and making a difference in society

  • ?Delivering products and services with value that offer customers a shared sense of satisfaction
  • ?Working hard for change, creating our own values
  • ?Fostering a vibrant corporate culture
  • ?Being a company that society can trust

Brand Statement

We are committed to always providing our customers with appealing products and services to create the enjoyment that comes to family and friends when they share something delicious. We ensure utmost quality, wholesomeness and deliciousness through using the most up-to-date technologies. In other words, we create delicious experiences in order to bring people closer together.

Corporate Philosophy Corporate Vision CSR The Morinaga Milk Brand

CSR concepts

Our corporate activities are driven by the goal of sharing delicious experiences with our seven stakeholder groups. We have identified the following priorities for building positive relationships with each group.

Spreading Delicious Experiences to Everyone